Thursday, December 9, 2010

They're coming back !

Ma and pa is coming back tomorrow ! feels like its been ages since i last saw them.40 days felt like a year.i've told you where they went in my previous entry right ? im so excited ! i've been thinking for days on what to make for them to celebrate their homecoming.i just love to cook for my loved ones ! gawd. i sound like a 40 year lod housewife dont i ?

When i get bored at home this will happen

Me: Nurul*my sister* do you feel like eating anything?any desserts you would like to eat?
Me:what? are you serious ? how about choc chips ? chocolate cake ?
Nurul:no lah,i dont feel like eating anything


*the same situation happens with my other family members too.sometimes*

Poor me :'( like perigi cari timba

and yes,i'll end up pushing them to pick one.hehe.wht? *innocent face*
Hopefully i dont end up with fat kids in the future -__-'

Okay,so i've decided to make rempeyek for my dad.He just loves em.My aunt wants us to have dinner at her house so i dont think i should make something heavy.He's not a dessert fan.So no no to desserts.I googled its recipe and i found one at rinnchan fotopages.I love the recipes at her page cause all of them are delicious !So here is how my rempeyek turned out.

It doesnt look that nice but it tastes good ! hehe.*self indulgence mode*Click here if you want the recipe.Oh a tip from my maid,you should add an egg to the mixture,it makes the rempyek more crunchy.I tried it,and what she said was true.

As for my mum,i know she's a big fan of desserts,so i'm thinking of making her favourite,bread and butter pudding with custard sauce.But im still in a dilemma wether i should make it or just buy a welcome back cake.To have both would be too much.Diabetes ppl ! As much as i looove desserts,i still have to control my sugar intake.Hm,maybe i'll ask opinions from others.

Till then.Hugs and kisses from me;

p/s: two entries in day ? that shows how much free time i have.haihh.
WARNING:Nxt week,when my class starts, you'll be hearing me whining about not having time to update my blog.hehe,buckle up !

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