Friday, October 29, 2010

Farewells and Goodbyes

Last night was a dream.At least i wish it was.My parents have gone to the holy grounds to perform Hajj.Of course i'm happy for them,its not easy to get a chance to perform hajj.But i can't help feeling sad at the time.I'm used to their presence,always being there for me.

Well,come to think of it.It'll just be the same like not seeing them when i'm in penang.Maybe its the thought of them being so far away and not be able to call them everyday like always do.

Since wednesday until last night,guests came pouring in,to see my parents before they fly to Mecca.It was nice to see that a lot of people cared about them.

Time for maghrib prayers came and dad wanted us to pray together with him being the imam.It was very emotional.While praying we couldnt contain ourselves and cried.The thought of being miles and miles away was so heart wrenching.I actually cried from the night before.haha.such a cry baby, i know.

They had to gather with all the other jemaah haji at Tabung haji office in Kelana Jaya.There were hundreds maybe thousands of people there i tell you.As i observerd around,i see the same pattern,the ones going were a bit tensed face *hajj is not a small thing u know* and of course sad,but not as sad as the ones sending them.Most of them are teary eyed.
*or its because my eyes were teary most of the time so my visions are bit blurry,seeing teary people everywhere.haha*

The jemaah haji had to wear metal chains so that its easy to recognize them if anything happens to them.*Nauzubillah*

gila rockers right?haha

When they were called to go in we hugged and took pictures together.I felt like i couldnt get enough of them.I dont want them to go but i want them to go ! u get me ?I didn't budge from the gate until the last inch of them were lost behind the walls.The lights was so bright ! which really didnt help to conceal my puffy eyes.For a moment,i was quite embarassed.haha.But who wont see them for a month ! who wouldnt be sad ?!

Desperate to catch the last glimpse of them

I guess the saying is true.You tend to appreciate things more when they are not in front of you.Mak ayah i'll pray that both of you will be safe and get a haji mabrur insyaAllah.i love u !Don't worry about us.We'll be good.*dialling friends numbers "hello?my parents are out of town for month ! lets partayyy !"*

im kidding.hehe.okay maybe i wasnt.i am !

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