Sunday, January 23, 2011

J and D

We were classmates when i was in form four.We weren't that close at first,but towards the end of the year we became closer rather than just-classmate-friends.But we started to be best friends when we were in form 5.We are the opposites if each other.She's the brave,flirtatious*wink,and the strong one and im the..well..the shy,cry-baby and soft one.haha.I guess that what makes us great together.We compliment each other.we're yin and yang !we're starsky and hutch ! blair and serena ! okay enough with the examples -___-. But despite that,we have the same interests.We enjoy doing the same thing,obsessed with F.R.I.E.N.D.S and understand each other well.As long as i can remember..and i have a good memory,hehe.i've never had any fights with her.

During prep time in school,we sat opposite each other.We could talk and talk for hours !Even on the phone during school holidays.Theres always something to talk about.but we can also sit silently and not feel awkward.

At some point of life, u'll realize who matters to you and who dont,who cares for you and who dont,friends that will stick to you like glue or friends who just comes and go whenever they want to or in malay 'tukar kawan macam tukar baju'.well,im glad that she's one of the persons that matter to me and sticks like glue(gam gajah !) despite being at the other side of the world :)

Thanks Nadia for always being there for me to share my joys and distress me when i have problems,motivate me when im down,be at my side during my ugly moments*public phone rmmbr?*,and most importantly,you're my partner in crime !haha.You're my best friend for eternity.I hope that we'll still be close as ever even after we're married,have kids,grandchilds,cicits..ok you get the idea.Maybe my kids can marry yours!and we'll end up as besans ! hahaha.ok so..basically if all these,long dwindling of words are crammed into one short sentence,it would be I LOVE U BESTIE ! have a great great greaaaaat bday ! this PDA post is dedicated especially for you !


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